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NCSS College and University Faculty Assembly 2021

College & University Faculty Assembly
of the National Council for the Social Studies 
2021 Annual Conference

November 17 - 19, 2021 - Minneapolis, MN

Due to the ongoing pandemic, please be mindful of changes that could take place in the conference. 


ReImagining Solidarity and Community In the Wake Of...

In 2021, how do we reimagine the field of social studies in the wake of 2020?

Word Cloud in stylized image showing 2020

“To be in the wake is to occupy and be occupied by the continuous and changing present of slavery’s as yet unresolved unfolding” (Sharpe, 2016, p .13-14). More generally, “wakes are processes… they are rituals through which to enact grief and memory… But wakes are also the ‘track left on the water’s surface by a ship’” (p. 21-22). As we’ve seen in the early days of 2021, we are still in the wake of a history not yet resolved.

We invite social studies teachers and students, researchers and educators to consider how social studies occupies and is occupied by ongoing historical and present trauma and oppression. We in the field of social studies must recognize/emphasize/claim/demand/reckon with our relevance, but also our individual and structural complicities. We also ask attendees to consider the processes of resistance, joy, solidarity, and community as “rituals to enact grief and memory.”

Injustice is ubiquitous, and we must name the injustices and structures specific to each place. This year, CUFA is planned for Minneapolis, Minnesota, a contested and occupied space. Minneapolis is stolen land, the ancestral and present land of the Ojibwe and Dakota peoples. Minneapolis was also the home of George Floyd and Philando Castille, two men among many who were murdered by the Minneapolis Police Department, and whose lives have inspired global attention to police brutality and abolition. Additionally, 2020 revealed multiple facets of the intersectionalities of injustice. COVID-19 exacerbated the economic, health care, and educational inequities already in place from systemic oppression and racism.

Work is already being done in Minneapolis through individuals and community-led organizations such as Black Lives Matter. We ask that attendees listen and learn from the Minneapolis local communities and make connections to our own contexts, both local and global. On a global scale, people have been sharing in the collective experience of protest and resistance, often through youth-led movements to combat corruption, economic inequalities, and racial/ethnic/religious/gender/sexuality injustice. The heart of this work in Minneapolis and beyond is the collaborative dream and work emerging out of the collective love for and joy in community (Love, 2019). As Anzaldúa urges, “May we allow the interweaving of all the minds and hearts and life forces to create the collective dream of the world and teach us how to live out ese sueño… May we do work that matters” (Anzaldúa, 2015, p. 17).

Therefore, we call for attendees to weigh this year’s National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) conference theme, Solidarity in Social Studies by reimagining the “rituals”/traditions/conceptions of social studies from within the ripple effects laid bare in 2020.

How do we reimagine the field of social studies as we live in the wake of 2020?

Read the full call for proposals, including the themes.

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Please use the official conference hashtag #CUFA21 and follow @CUFANCSS on Twitter. The unofficial conference website,​, has information about the call for proposals, awards, travel grants, and a special section for graduate students. This unofficial conference website will be updated regularly as the conference approaches, and updates will also be posted on the ​CUFA Facebook page​. For general information about CUFA, visit the official website at ​​.

Questions & Inquiries

Please direct any questions about the call for proposals, proposal submission process, and reviewer sign-up process to Drs Hanadi Shatara, Esther Kim, and Anna Falkner, CUFA Program Chairs, at ​



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